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End of 2015 Update

Posted on 23rd Dec 2015

Here are a few things that have captured my attention recently. I just finished my Theology and Biotechnology course in which we watched a really interesting movie at the end of the year. Calld "Fixed", the documentary details the past, present, and future states of enhancement technology (like prosthetics), and what the social and ethical implications of these advancements have been and will be. Throughout the movie, disabled people with different backgrounds are interviewed about their perspective on how their disabilities have influenced their lives. An amputee inventor who created his own bionic legs forsees normally-abled people undergoing enhancement surgery to beomce part machine whereas a biochemist with a crippled arm and no legs believes it best that we not enhance ourselves at all. The movie did a great job of posing some reality-shaking questions concerning the future of our relationship with technology.

Also, another one of Kurzweil's predictions is coming true. Researchers have begun experimenting with 3D chips. Perhaps a new paridigm shift in the world of computing?

In other technology news, Star Wars VII just came out and the special effects were pretty awesome.

Finally, in the next few weeks I hope to redesign the formatting of the blog and add some new features to the simple game in the sandbox area.


"You can't stop change any more than you can stop the suns from setting" - Shmi Skywalker