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Digit Detector

My first machine learning algorithm. It recognizes single digits in images using a classifier trained on ~70,000 digit images in the MNIST database. The code and sample images are hosted on my GitHub page. (5/14/16)

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My first attempt at a genetic algorithm. It starts off with a population of 100 randomly-colored squares. Each generation, six of the squares mate in pairs by combining RGB values. These offspring might undergo mutations. Then, the three offspring replace the three least-fit squares in the population. This continues for 1000 generations. Refresh the page to try again. (4/20/16)

Translate an English sentence into Pig Latin. (3/28/16)

Add or delete to-do items with the button and x.

My first React.JS app. Taken from here thanks to this awesome tutorial. (1/20/16)

Use the arrow keys to navigate the ball to the right platform.

A beginner's Box2d Libary tutorial I found online - will be using this example to learn more about making web games with HTML5 and Javascript. (12/29/15)